Sunday, 30 August 2015

My Ammi's Biryani with TinyOwl App

 I have been staying in Mumbai for two months now. Coming from Lucknow- the city of Nawabs, Mumbai was not only a different city but almost a different world to me. On one hand, I was in love with the beaches, on the other hand, I was still getting used to the fast paced life of this city. At times, I used to feel really homesick. I missed Ammi (my mother) the most. I missed the mouth watering dishes she used to make when I was at home.

They say that the most unexpected surprises are the ones that make you the happiest, particularly if the surprises come from the people who mean the world to you- your family.
I had the best surprise of my life around ten days back. No, it wasn't from my friends. The surprise was from my Ammi. She had come all the way from Lucknow to Mumbai from Pushpak Express. The journey takes more than 24 hours. She had reached Mumbai CST Station at around 8 PM and asked me to pick her up. I was totally stunned. I am still not able to find any words to describe the feeling.

Ammi was tired. I knew that the journey must have been really hectic, but the moment she saw me at CST, she was in all smiles and tears simultaneously. Both of us talked about Mumbai, its beaches, its people, its buildings and everything under the sun in Mumbai on our way back to Chembur.

I asked her about the journey. I told her that she should have taken a flight. She did not listen. Perhaps she was looking out of the taxi, at the buildings. Perhaps she was really enjoying her ride on the Freeway. We had just reached home (my second home, which happens to be a one room kitchen flat in Diamond Garden, Chembur).

I just gave her a glass of water. Ammi told that she was feeling really hungry. She went into the kitchen to cook something. And I told her very strictly that I shall not allow her to do that and I asked her to sit and take rest. How could I ask her to cook? She had traveled for more than 24 hours in a train just to meet me, to give me an unforgettable surprise. I simply couldn't let her cook after that hectic journey. I went into the kitchen. All I had was a few packets of Maggie, ready to eat pasta and a few onions. I was cursing myself for not buying a refrigerator, for not keeping edible things and fruits at home. Ammi simply detests pasta and Maggi. I couldn't even get sandwiches or pastries from the local shop. The mall close to my house served only Pizzas, burgers and ice creams. I wanted Indian food. It was the best surprise of my life. I couldn't ruin it. I couldn't let my Ammi stay hungry and I didn't want her to travel anywhere once again. I wanted her to stay at home and have dinner with me. But what could I do? I was totally stuck.

I just took my smartphone in my hand to make a call to a friend. Probably it was a coincidence or God's grace, I saw the TinyOwl App which I had downloaded in the morning after receiving an invite coupon from an acquaintance of mine. I opened the App and once again, to my surprise, probably it was a coincidence or God's Grace again, this is what the App showed me :-

Ammi's Biryani was the name of restaurant. This came as the very first suggestion when I opened the app. It was heart touching to say the least, a restaurant by the name Ammi's Biryani with a recommendation to order Biryani and Achari Aaloo. I ordered it for my Ammi immediately. The App also had a COD option and it was delivered within half an hour.

We had Biryani together after a long time. It was such a delight to have dinner with her. It was such a relief to find such an easy solution to this food fix. Ammi said that she couldn't believe one could find such perfectly prepared Biryani in Mumbai. Ammi loved it.

Ammi told me that I had lost weight. I told her that it was because I couldn't get Biryani made by my Ammi. She then asked me to order food from that restaurant. I explained her about the Tiny Owl App. It was not only one restaurant. I could now order food from a number of restaurants with a variety of cuisines just with a click of a button. All thanks to the TinyOwl App!

The pamphlet from the restaurant Ammi's Biryani said "Authentic. Awesome. Always."
I would now say that the same holds true for the TinyOwl App. I have been using it since and believe me when I say this, it is authentic, awesome, always !!

Thank you TinyOwl.. It was all because of you that I could make my Ammi so happy.. It is all because of you that my mother is now relaxed thinking I won't have to stay hungry looking for my favorite food.

I recommend TinyOwl to all my readers. Download it asap. It is a really useful App. It indicates timelines perfectly. It gives you discounts. It recommends the best possible dishes. It is a very user friendly App. It has now become a permanent solution to my surprise parties, food fixes, hunger and temptations.

Guys, do visit these links. Download the TinyOwl App.

1. Android Link

2. iOS Link

Food tales are always awesome for foodies. I am a real foodie. If you're a foodie too, you simply cannot afford to miss the TinyOwl App. Do download it right now.

Keep Blogging. Keep enjoying food. Keep enjoying life.


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