Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Land of Kissanpur : Togetherness Calling

When was the last time you had dinner with your family without watching TV, without sending messages on whatsapp, without chatting on Facebook, without any gadgets, without smartphones? When was the last time you went on a long drive without a smartphone in your hand? When was the last time you traveled in a train and enjoyed the view from your window seat instead of clicking pictures from your smartphone?
I keep wondering how our fast lives have completely changed how human beings used to find happiness in staying together, happiness in the presence of the people they love. Something called solitude is clearly missing from our lives and surprisingly, something called togetherness is missing as well.

I had recently watched a movie starring Palash Sen titled “Aisa Ye Jahan”. The movie was all about how kids in cities are busy playing with IPads, Laptops and smartphones and have no exposure to nature and its beauty, while a girl from a small village is always missing the greenery, the scenic beauty of her native place. She then decides to plant a sapling and she waters it every single day. The movie describes day to day problems of fast life in metropolitan cities like Mumbai and shows the way how people completely change after coming to cities, how obsessed and caged we have become, as if we have become slaves to our smartphones, away from relationships, away from friends and family, away from real life.
What the movie couldn’t depict in three hours, this video has clearly shown and depicted in a few minutes. Do watch !!

I am totally in love with this video. It starts with how everyone is busy with their smartphones. Nobody has the time to talk, nobody has the time to smile, nobody has the time to even look at people around or greet them. Everyone is preoccupied and completely engaged all the time. The old man who tries to look into everyone’s eyes, who is looking for someone to talk to, feels so disappointed and so lonely.

And then it rains, somehow people do not even realize how they had forgotten the feeling of the rainy season, the awesomeness of the rain drops. And then, children come to his rescue. They plant seeds, they plant a sapling. Over days, it grows and becomes a plant with beautifully red tomatoes. The way these tomatoes shine, crimson red in color, it brings everyone together once again. People start looking at each other and smiling. They joined hands and watched the sapling become a plant together.

It was wonderful to see how a small bottle cap full of seeds could bring everyone together so easily and make everyone happy. Thanks to Kissan for this initiative. I am sure it must have made every viewer smile. Check out this link for details.

Welcome to Kissanpur! The Kissan group has taken this initiative..You can now order seeds online and free yourselves from the clutches and cobwebs of your smartphones at one go.. Take this one step towards togetherness, towards freedom. 

Let us go to the land of Kissanpur.. Let us sow seeds and spread happiness.

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