Sunday, 25 October 2015

McCain Smileys to Make Her Smile..

And in her smile, I see something more beautiful than the stars..And it was her smile that made me fall, fall in love with her..I can go on and on talking about her smile.. I can write poems, blogs and even books about her smile..

It was our very first date.. when we were about to order food, she told me that she really loved honey chili potato and all types of potato fries, McCain smileys in particular..We ordered that..and the smile on her face was so attractive, so intoxicating that I can't put it in words.. I told her how her eyes became brighter when she saw the food coming in and I had fallen in love with those eyes, that smile..She told me that the food was awesome, but McCain smileys are even better, Mc Cain veg nuggets and McCain Aaloo Tikki in particular.

So the first date made me realize that she was a real foodie..and that's what makes her even more adorable..She looks perfectly cute when she eats something she likes..She is the biggest fan of potato fries and tomato ketchup..But she is very particular about food brands..All she wants is McCain smileys and Kissan tomato ketchup only.. Her favorite food makes all our dates very special.. I keep on staring at her and her smile when she eats those fries..I can't take my eyes off her, not even for a second..

It was in the last Ramadhaan when I had my roza (fast during Ramadhaan) that she had given me a surprise, something that showed how loving and caring she was, something that made me fall in love with her, all over again. She had ordered food for me from

She had ordered a lot of fruits, many ready to eat food packets and as expected, her favorite McCain Smileys.. I was already very happy.. I told everyone at home about this gesture of hers..My Ammi, her would be mom-in-law, as she calls her, was really impressed too..She cares about each and everything, all the time.. And to add on to the surprise, she came to my place.. I was on cloud 9.. We made McCain Smileys together.. I had McCain Smileys for iftaar..

She asked me to guess the reason why she loved McCain smileys so much.. Its her hobby you know, asking me to guess something all of a sudden, asking random questions. And this is the conversation that followed :-

So she asked, "Why do you think I love McCain Smileys so much?"
I said, "You love McCain smileys because you love potato fries and they are actually delicious."
She replied, "Well, that's right.. That's one of the reasons, but not the real reason."
" like the shape of the smileys..You find them cute, right?"
"That's true again..but that's not the reason too"
"Then why don't you tell me on your own"
"Idiot! Its because of the way you stare at me when I eat them.."
"I don't stare at you..I just do not want to miss any moment that makes you smile..Come on now, eat these smileys..I want you to smile again..I love you!"
"I love you too.. Now stop eating them all..Leave some for me.."
"We'll cook McCain smileys again..Don't worry..Making them together is fun.."

As they say, love is all about those small things that make you smile.. Whenever she is angry with me, I make her favorite McCain Smileys and take those to her with tomato ketchup..and then, I ask her to smile.. We always end up remembering those episodes and smiling again..

Thank you McCain smileys.. for giving me those unforgettable memories with her..for helping me to make her smile.

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Next blog soon!
Keep Smiling!


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